All Hazards Preparedness Guide for South Walton County

Walton County Emergency Management truck

Walton County Division of Emergency Management releases its All Hazards Preparedness Guide to the Public

Walton County, October 2, 2023 –  Florida natives and longtime residents, having successfully weathered so many storms and hazards, sometimes take emergency notices a bit too casually. However, it is a fact that the key to surviving disasters lies in being prepared.

   With that in mind, the Walton County Division of Emergency Management has just published an All Hazards Preparedness Guide. Emergency Management Director Jeff Goldberg noted that completing the Guide was a long process and a labor of love.

   “This guide will assist residents, visitors, and businesses with how to prepare for, mitigate against, respond to, and recover from all hazards and not just hurricanes,” said Director Goldberg. “I want to give a special shout out to Catie Feeney, our Operations Coordinator, as she was the project manager who pulled all the information together, as well as being the graphic designer of the layout. She did an amazing job and I’m proud of how this document turned out.”

   Although Floridians tend to first think of hurricanes and tropical storms as the most probable emergency they will face, there are a variety of potential disasters that are covered by the Guide. These include tornadoes, flooding, train derailments, plane crashes, hazmat incidents, disease outbreaks, cyber-attacks, acts of terror and more. The All Hazards Preparedness Guide covers these hazards and offers a wealth of information on how to prepare and what to do if and when disaster strikes.

   “Although a hurricane is the first hazard that most people think about, it’s important to know what other hazards can effect Walton County,” said Goldberg. “This guide gives residents, visitors, and businesses, the information they need to be ready when disasters of any kind strike.”

   As National Preparedness Month comes to an end, the Walton County Division of Emergency Management is working to ensure that Walton County residents and visitors are equipped for any disaster that may come our way. The Walton County All Hazards Preparedness Guide is NOW AVAILABLE on the Walton County Emergency Management website at Save the link to your PC, save it to your phone or device. Remember, preparedness is everyone’s responsibility, and it starts with you. 

For more information, contact the Public Information Office at (850) 892-8155 or