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    Dune Allen

    Discover Dune Allen

    Dune Allen Beach is the farthest west beach community in South Walton along the famous 30A corridor in Northwest Florida, commonly referred to as The Emerald Coast.  It’s also one of the oldest.  In 1948 there was only one cottage along this stretch of coastline, and you can still see some of those older bungalows built in the 50s, 60s and 70s tucked in with the new homes that have been constructed as testaments to the draw and beauty of nature here.

    Dune Allen is also home to five of fifteen dune lakes along the Emerald Coast.  The dune lakes here are unique and found nowhere else in the world.  There are similar types of dune lakes in Australia and New Zealand and Madagascar, but none match the ecosystem of South Walton’s dune lakes.

    Dune lakes were formed where water was able to pool for extended periods of time surrounded by sand or strata, and at times, seepage, rainfall or storm surge cause the water to burst from its sand confines in an outfall and snake its way to the Gulf where fresh water and saltwater exchange and saltwater marine life enters the lake.  Once equilibrium is reached, the outfall closes. 

    Stinky’s Fish Camp

    Dune Allen 2Jim Richard, owner and chef of Stinky’s Fish Camp has called Dune Allen Beach home since the early 90s.  He moved here from Louisiana, and says of Dune Allen Beach, “This is still old Florida…you can find a nice, serene place to relax. This is the only place I stop and don’t do anything.  That beach is where I found I can sit back and relax and let everything go.”

    Stinky’s Fish Camp is the place to eat and enjoy live entertainment, featuring gulf seafood with a Louisiana flair.  The original restaurant Lake place burned down in 2006.  Stinky’s was originally going to be a more casual place in addition to the Lake Place, but after the fire, Stinky’s popularity blew up and there was not enough parking for both restaurants on 30A, so Jim Richard opened Stinky’s Bait Shack next to the restaurant instead. 

    Jim sees his restaurant as a place for both locals and vacationers to “hangout and enjoy this end of the beach”.  

    Home of Topsail State Park

    Lounging in the sun on the sugar white sand, walking along the gently swooshing waves as the froth tickles your toes, swimming and fishing are just some of the fun memories to make in Dune Allen Beach.  For those interested in exploring, Topsail Preserve is just the ticket with criss-crossing biking and hiking trails, RV camping and 3.2 miles of gorgeously secluded beach.  You’ll walk around some of the highest dunes in the area as you explore the local birds and wildlife who call the Emerald Coast home.

    Shopping and other cafes and restaurants are a short distance down the road.  When you’ve had all the interaction you want for the day, Dune Allen Beach is the perfect place to recharge and relax. Jim says of Dune Allen Beach that he never regrets coming home – “when you get down here it’s so peaceful.  It was built for local clientele.  We need and appreciate tourism, but it was built for local people.”

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