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    Tropical Storm/Hurricane Idalia to Make Landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast

    Hurricane Idalia will make landfall on Florida’s west coast this week. The Florida Panhandle is currently out of the “cone of uncertainty” for a predicted direct landfall (subject to change), but could still experience storm surge, excessive rainfall and other storm-related weather. Hurricane season is a time to stay aware for residents, vacation homeowners and visitors along the Emerald Coast and Highway 30A.

    Tracking of Hurricane Idalia

    Check the latest forecast track of Idalia here.

    Additionally, for accurate, real-time information on any tropical storm or hurricane, refer to the official resources:

    Warm Gulf Waters Will Strengthen Idalia

    Warmer water in the Gulf will strengthen Idalia by the time it makes Florida landfall, which is predicted to be Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

    “Hurricane impacts are likely for parts of Florida. This tropical depression will become Tropical Storm Idalia… then Hurricane Idalia on Tuesday. The major concern is how much this will strengthen when it hits the super-warm water of the Gulf of Mexico.” Hurricane Impacts Coming

    “I​dalia may also get a boost from its track over the Gulf of Mexico loop current, a northward flowing ribbon of deeper, warmer water from the western Caribbean Sea into the southeastern Gulf of Mexico.” – The Weather Channel (Tropical Storm 10 to Become Hurricane Idalia)

    Weather Channel Forecast 

    • Tropical Storm Idalia will strengthen as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico.
    • Idalia is forecast to make landfall along Florida’s Gulf Coast by Wednesday, possibly as a major hurricane.
    • Hurricane, tropical storm and storm surge watches have been posted for portions of Florida.
    • Flooding rain, strong winds, coastal flooding and some tornadoes are concerns.
    • Idalia will spread heavy rain and gusty winds into parts of the Southeast.

    (Full story at https://weather.com/safety/hurricane/news/2023-08-27-tropical-storm-idalia-hurricane-watches-florida)

    Be Prepared

    Disaster preparedness helps you save precious time and gives you a plan for such storm-related events. The disaster preparedness section on our website has valuable tips and checklists to help you stay prepared during hurricane season. Also check out the resources for second homeowners who have a beach vacation home for private home management tips and more.

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    Know the zone of your home before an extreme weather event like a hurricane.

    What to Do in The Event of a Hurricane?

    Watch – Conditions are favorable for a severe weather event in or near the watch area. Stay alert and ready to take action. Warning – A severe weather event is imminent or occurring in the warning area. Take action based on the emergency at hand.

    Hurricanes are powerful and potentially destructive tropical storms. Areas along the coastline are especially vulnerable due to their geographical location. The primary hazards from hurricanes include storm surge flooding, inland flooding from heavy rains, destructive winds, tornadoes, and high surf and rip currents. (See: 8 Reasons to Download & Implement These Disaster Preparedness Checklists.)

    People living in those areas are urged to have a disaster plan in place. This plan should include:

    • Evacuation Plan: Knowing the local hurricane evacuation routes and how to find higher ground. (Know Your Flood Zone and Evacuation Routes). Shelter locations for your County.
    • Supplies: Gathering supplies, non-perishable food, water, and medicine for at least a week.
    • Important Documents: Keep digital or physical copies of important documents like birth certificates, insurance policies, etc.
    • Storm Updates: Constant monitoring of the storm through reliable national or local weather services.

    Walton County Disaster Preparedness Links

    One of “Visit South Walton’s” roles in the event of an emergency is to disseminate information to lodging partners and the business community on behalf of the Walton County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC channels of communication are found below:

    As part of the local area’s disaster preparedness, Walton County, Florida, also has a mass notification system “Alert Walton” for which residents can sign up for emergency notifications. The registration link can be found at www.AlertWalton.org.