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    Alys Beach

    Signature Luxury at Every Sight

    From the very first glimpse, Alys Beach transports you into a world of breathtaking luxury and immense beauty. This serene enclave nestles elegantly along the iconic Highway 30A on Florida’s Emerald Coast, presenting an exquisite blend of natural beauty and architectural excellence.

    As you drive along, the gleaming white, Mediterranean-inspired architecture of this beach town is nothing short of a spectacle. Each structure is thoughtfully designed, encapsulating the opulent yet laid-back ambiance that Alys Beach invariably exudes. These distinctive houses, painted the whitest of whites, symbolize the unrelenting elegance that is a hallmark of this exclusive setting, offering its residents an unrivaled ambiance of luxury living. Its luxurious elements blend together for an unforgettable beach vacation like few.

    Alys Beach The Crème de la Crème of Luxury on Scenic Highway 30A

    Alys Beach, the premier luxury beach community along Scenic 30A in South Walton, is tucked in between Rosemary Beach to the east and Seacrest Beach to the west.  One of the newer developments, Alys Beach’s first plat was filed in 2004. But love for this area of dunes, scrub pine, and emerald green Gulf water began many years before.  1927 Lucien May filed a homestead on 162 acres, and built his home.  In 1973, he sold most of the land for about $1 million, keeping just a narrow strip for himself, where he moved his house and named it Emerald Crest.

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    Alys Beach is an Exclusive Resort for homeowners and renters with World Class amenities and an Antigua architectural vibe. Stunning, clean, and brilliant.

    Then, in 1978, Elton B. Stephens, who had been vacationing with his family in the Laguna Beach area of Panama City Beach for some years, took a drive and noticed some property being auctioned.  He ended up placing a bid and owning 158 acres for $1.2 million and waited.  “He was in no hurry, and the family watched the development of Seaside, Rosemary Beach, and other towns along 30A while they waited for the right time.” (Pathway to Paradise on Florida’s Emerald Coast, by Robert O. Reynolds, 2019, page 104) Fast forward to 2003, when plans and designs were drawn up, and the new development was christened Alys Beach, after Elton’s wife.

    With stunning architecture, stark white, stucco walls, and interior courtyards, you won’t find anything remotely like it, at least not here.  The style of building is reminiscent of Greece or Bermuda.  You can almost picture the homes perched on the hills along the Mediterranean Sea overlooking an ancient land.  But that’s not the case.  Here in South Walton, the beauty and timelessness of another world have been transported to the diverse and spectacular Emerald Coast.

    Alys Beach Gives Off A Bermuda & Antigua Architectural Vibe of a Luxury Resort.

    As John Martin, Realtor at John Martin Group, says, “Alys Beach is the crème de la crème of luxury communities on Scenic 30A.  It’s known for its globally award-winning architecture inspired by Bermuda and Antigua. It offers the finest amenities, including a mind-blowing owners’ beach club, Caliza pool, ZUMA Wellness Center, world-class restaurants, and shopping.  Alys Beach commands the highest real estate values on 30A.”  (See Alys Beach Real Estate for Beach Vacation Homes for Private or Rental Income.)

    Alys Beach exemplifies simplicity and beauty with everything within walking distance – nature trails, dining, and shopping with luxury and elegance around every corner.  The amphitheater is perfect for the family for summer movie nights and concerts.

    Once a year, Alys Beach comes alive with light.  Digital Graffiti is a one-of-a-kind digital art projection where artists come from around the world to take advantage of the opportunity to display their art via projection on the town’s white walls as the homes become canvasses for beauty.

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    Things to Do and See on Alys Beach

    The five-star-plus, zero-entry saltwater Caliza pool includes shaded cabanas and al fresco dining.  Speaking of dining, if you’re near the amphitheater, you won’t want to pass up Charlie’s Donuts Food Truck without sampling their famous donuts.  If you prefer something healthier, Raw & Juicy will fix you right up with juices, smoothies, kombucha, snacks, and some great coffee and tea.  When you’ve worked up an appetite biking around the town or hiking the nature trail, George’s at the Beach is great for upscale and casual dining.  They use locally sourced, organic produce and fresh seafood from the Gulf waters.  The Citizen is another fine establishment offering coastal cuisine using local and seasonal ingredients. (See our Perfect Day on 30A – Alys Beach)

    In a community known for its breathtaking architecture, stunning gulf front location, and pristine white walls, it only makes sense that the first retail store to come to Alys Beach reflected that. Our store is called the Alys Shoppe.

    Alys Shoppe Luxury Shopping

    Alys Shoppe will be your favorite boutique in Alys Beach, with something for the entire family.  They offer private collections and name brands like CB Grey, David Aubrey Jewelry, and Krewe, among many others. There are so many amazing pristine storefront locations, and one of our favorites is “Barefoot Princess” all right along Highway 30A.

    Alys Beach is more than a beautiful setting for shopping and dining.  They also offer ZUMA Wellness Center where you can do yoga, spin, suspension training, and massage therapy. They also have steam rooms and offer strength training.

    But of course, the lure of the Gulf is always the main draw.  The pristine white sand beach and the gently lapping waves perform their magic.  There’s nothing quite like the smell of the salty air, the soft and rhythmic crashing of the waves, the laughter of children, and the feel of the white froth around your feet to make you feel that this is where you were meant to be.

    Visiting Alys Beach for the first time? CLICK HERE to check out Visit South Walton’s First Timer’s Guide.

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